AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP PhD: Mechanistic Characterization of Genome Editing Nucleases in United Kingdom

PhD topic 15: Mechanistic characterization of genome editing nucleases

Genome editing has the potential to be transformative in delivering future therapeutics. Increased mechanistic understanding of CRISPR-Cas systems on a molecular level will be key to future developments of genome editing.

The Ph.D. student will characterize the molecular mechanisms, interactions and enzymology underlying gene-editing systems such as CRISPR/Cas or Base editors and will have the opportunity to utilize a range of experimental technologies including Biochemical/Biophysical and cell biology techniques.

The Ph.D. student will work at the interface of both the Mechanistic Biology and the Precise Genome Editing teams at AstraZeneca, based in Cambridge UK. This is an exciting opportunity to gather insights into the mechanism of action of the most advanced genome editing systems.

The student will be enrolled at the University of Durham and will have the opportunity to work within our global AstraZeneca PhD and post-doctoral student community.

This opportunity enables collaboration within the LightDynamics academic network and existing AstraZeneca external collaborators. We’ll expect you to maintain an awareness of current developments in the literature and identify and pursue opportunities within this Scientific field. You’ll achieve personal scientific visibility through scientific experimentation, internal and external presentations and authorship in peer-reviewed publications

At AstraZeneca, we believe in the potential of people who share our passion for science. By thinking boldly and working collaboratively to pursue discoveries beyond imagination, you’ll develop further and faster than you thought possible.

Applicants for the PhD positions must not yet been awarded a PhD degree and must be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research careers prior to the recruitment.

All applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the organization they are applying to for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the recruitment.

Positions include interdisciplinary training, summer schools and yearly international meetings.

Please send a CV and cover letter (pdf format) by email to the appropriate organization (see individual project application deadlines).

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer. AstraZeneca will consider all qualified applicants for employment without discrimination on grounds of disability, sex or sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity leave status, race or national or ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, gender identity or re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, protected veteran status (if applicable) or any other characteristic protected by law.

Additional Requirements: M.Sc. or Hons BSc in Biochemistry, Chemistry or Molecular Biology. Proof of English proficiency as communication and teaching language throughout LightDyNAmics is English.

Start date (planned): 01. September 2018

Application deadline: 01. June 2018