AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Product Specialist in United Arab Emirates


  • The Oncology Sales Specialist is responsible for generating clinical demand for Oncology brands with key accounts, pro-actively identifying business opportunities, presenting value propositions aligned to stakeholder needs and objectives, and recommending solutions to drive and develop business.

  • The long term goal is to develop strategic and mutually beneficialrelationships with the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), Decision Making Unit (DMU), and potentially other stakeholders, based on a deep scientific understanding of the issues in order to identify the best opportunities for any part of AZ's Oncology portfolio to deliver life-changing medicines to patients.


Develop account strategy and plans:

  • Identify opportunities and strategies to improve positioning of AZ's Oncology products at a local level

  • Work with Sales Manager to develop a local strategy and business plan to meet targets and further improve positioning of AZ's Oncology products at a local level

Create deep stakeholder relationships:

  • Engage Oncology HCPs in dialogue about approved indications, product efficacy / safety profiles and treatment protocols to support on-label prescribing for appropriate patients

  • Establish and maintain ongoing, long term collaborative relationships

with stakeholders

  • Share stakeholder insight and information within AZ to strengthen relevant activities, e.g., product development, marketing, sales efforts

Build capability and knowledge in healthcare eco-system:

  • Build knowledge and understanding about AZ's overall Oncology value proposition, and product's labeled indications and efficacy data among all relevant stakeholders in the MDT and DMU

  • Utilise different communication approaches, techniques and channels to help build knowledge in the MDT and DMU, including

  • Conduct science-based discussions with the HCP as per the approved indications of AZ's products

  • Arrange multidisciplinary workshops for physicians and other

healthcare professionals

  • Arrange and coordinate effective speaker programmes with physician advocates and KOLs

  • Actively support Oncology nurses on relevant trainings, e.g., chemotherapy, testing solutions

Deliver on plans and achieve sales goals on budget:

  • Drive sales performance and ensure sales forecasts meet or exceed expectations while managing assigned budgets

  • Successfully promote the benefits of AZ's Oncology brands, using fair balance messages and the appropriate mix of promotional tools

  • Ensure AZ's products are optimally utilised in line with national/local guidelines and the product license

Be compliant:

  • Successfully complete all training requirements, including product examinations

  • Comply with all external regulations and internal policies

  • Ensure compliance with the AZ Code of Conduct, Global External Interactions Policy and Standards, and Privacy Policy and Standards, especially when interacting with Patient Groups

Oncology expertise(We follow the science):

  • Possesses deep scientific, clinical and therapeutic content knowledge in specialist areas (e.g., tumour type, mechanism of action), has leading edge awareness of the latest research and developments, and exhibits the drive to continually build individual knowledge

  • Understands the diagnostics environment, i.e., companion diagnostics, and potential barriers to effective treatment.

  • Has a detailed knowledge of the dynamics and issues stakeholders / accounts face in the interconnected Oncology ecosystem, including reimbursement and budget processes

Patient centricity(We put patients first) :

  • Has granular knowledge about cancer patient demographics and needs of patient populations and understands the patient journey and treatment choices in relevant markets and institutions

  • Sees issues through the lens of a patient and focuses on the patient experience, e.g., home care approach, testing experience, quality of patient experience, genetic counselling, etc.

Customer value proposition(We play to win We do the right thing We are entrepreneurial):

  • Has strong understanding of AZ's value proposition for each external stakeholder

  • Develops practical, high-quality, and tailored propositions to meet the needs and behavioural drivers of each stakeholder with a particular focus on Real World Evidence to demonstrate product benefit or safety

  • Understands the product and testing costs and can position relevant market access solutions in the context of AZ's value proposition

Engaging with the Oncology ecosystem(We play to win We do the right thing We are entrepreneurial) :

  • Leverages Oncology expertise to engage with the Oncology ecosystem in a highly credible, scientific & value-orientated way

  • Ability to understand / uncover MDs approach to differential diagnosis and to understand how that results in different treatment goals

  • Ability to bridge from goals of therapy to therapy choice based on extensive knowledge of therapeutic alternatives - modality (e.g., surgery v. targeted therapy v. radiation), class and products - for AZ products and competitor

products / substitutes

  • Builds and maintains long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with different stakeholders, based on trust and credibility

Cross functional engagement (We play to win We do the right thing We are entrepreneurial):

  • Engages cross-functionally in a sophisticated manner to address the needs of individual accounts, i.e., working with field and office based colleagues to actively align insights and leverage organisation-wide expertise for each account

  • Contributes fully by sharing information and linking insights to support collaborative problem solving for and with the stakeholder / account


  • High grades in university degree in natural sciences


  • Secondary care sales experience with a sound knowledge of account management, including relevant pharmaceutical sales experience in Oncology

  • Track record of engaging key stakeholders in complex clinical environments, e.g., mid and senior level healthcare professionals, key accounts and the medical community

  • Proven track record in influencing the stakeholder decision-making process in an ecosystem with multiple influential players / decision makers, with proven track record of creating value in complex DMU

  • Proven demonstration of successful working in complex cross functional teams

Individual Capabilities:

Business Acumen: Understands, and applies knowledge of AstraZeneca’s objectives, strategy and value chain, the external business environment (both within and beyond the pharmaceuticals industry) and the fundamentals of running a successful business including financial management. Uses this understanding to shape activities and decision-making, and to navigate within the business and help achieve AstraZeneca’s goals.

Impact & Influence: Anticipates and responds to the needs of others in order to achieve an appropriate outcome by being sensitive to the impact on others and able to modify an approach to influence the outcome of dealings with different people.

Decision making and problem solving: Able to analyse problems to identify the key issues that need action and consider options from a variety of angles in order to identify an innovative solution. Understands the criticality of evaluating the effectiveness of interventions and using this to guide future decisions (including those relating to financial investments) and drive business performance. Able to use business metrics to support decision-making. Able to work under pressure and short timelines, being resourceful and tenacious in approaching problems and leveraging all available sources for developing solutions.