AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Project Mgr in Shanghai, China


The role and responsibility of Project Manager of Medical affairs is to lead/coordinate the delivery of medical activities in specific therapeutic area within time and budget and with good quality and compliance.


Executing relevant medical projects (cooperation with 3rd party), which are critical to achieve TA/functional strategy

  • Leader of medical project

  • Set up project timeline and budget

  • Applicate and close scientific event in relevant system following SOP requirement

  • Proactively communicate with 3rd party

  • Track project progress regularly

  • Manage external vendors or agencies on services outsourcing

Act as internal medical project consultant providing insight to team

  • Prepare team project overview tracking and managing progression

  • Share project management experience

  • Report back to team on vendor/partner assessment results

Key scientific event (IC, summit, meeting with CFDA etc.) management

  • Act as leader of scientific event

  • Communicate with cross function team timely to ensure every team member understand R&R

  • Applicate and close scientific event in relevant system following SOP requirement

  • Effectively manage external vendors or agencies on services outsourcing

Quality control of medical activities

  • Follow QA guidance

  • Prepare and deliver QC plan

  • Attend monthly QCQA meeting

  • Catch up with line manager monthly to report TA compliance issue

Internal communication

  • Make sure important deliverables shared within AZ to inform the business impact

  • Comprehensive internal/external promotional planning for key scientific events

Other job agreed with line manager based TA/functional specific needs

  • Based on agreed other job


Job requirements /工 作 要 求

  • Academic / Professional qualification / 学 历 / 专 业 资 格

  • Bachelor degree at least

  • Technical / skill training / 技 术 / 技 能 训 练

  • Skill of project management

  • Working experience (No. of years / 年 资, Job function / 工 作 功 能, Business types / 业 务 种 类 )

    Essential 必 需
  • Project management experience

  • At least 2 year working experience in multinational pharmaceutical company

  • Language ability / 语 言 能 力

  • Be proficient in oral and written business English communication

  • Computer literacy / 电 脑 知 识

  • Microsoft Office software

  • Others / 其 他

Competencies / 胜任能力

  • Understand the existing system/platform/compliance requirements: familiar with current system/platform, fully understand the purpose/objectives of these systems/platform/compliance requirements.

  • Good communication skill: good communication with internal/external stakeholder to deliver the project smoothly.

  • Leadership: as leader of projects to encourage team member working together to deliver the project successfully.

To reach this level, individuals will have clearly demonstrated the capability of integrating project related resource and experience, while acting as medical project consultant in TA/functional teams. In-depth understanding of company business and operating models and influential cross-functional impact is a must.

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer. AstraZeneca will consider all qualified applicants for employment without discrimination on grounds of disability, sex or sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity leave status, race or national or ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, gender identity or re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, protected veteran status (if applicable) or any other characteristic protected by law. AstraZeneca only employs individuals with the right to work in the country/ies where the role is advertised.