AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Director, Due Diligence in Cambridge, United Kingdom

Title: Director, Due Diligence

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

At AstraZeneca we work together across global boundaries to make an impact and find answers to challenges. We do this with the upmost integrity even in the most difficult situations because we are committed to doing the right thing.


Director, Due Diligence, is accountable for the co-ordination and leadership of due diligence projects in support of transactions. Regarding ‘buy-side’ transactions the job holder will ensure that there is an impartial, thorough and detailed assessment of the technical, commercial, operational, and financial quality and, where relevant, legal integrity of the investment opportunities which projects present. The job holder will ensure that due diligence activity is undertaken with the necessary degree of independence while being completed in a collaborative and seamless way with colleagues across AstraZeneca. The job holder will ensure that due diligence activities are planned and conducted in a manner that is consistent with business needs, and the demands and nature of the particular project, whilst ensuring that access to all relevant information is gained and disseminated appropriately across the Business such that risks and benefits associated with investments are identified and incorporated into the Company’s decision-making processes.

Regarding ‘sell-side’ transactions, the Due Diligence Director is accountable for coordinating and leading the preparation of assets for sale or partnering including but not limited to, the preparation of virtual or physical data rooms. The job holder will act as the primary point of contact for potential purchasers/partners with respect to diligence matters and will lead all diligence interactions between AstraZeneca and third parties.

In addition, where appropriate, the job holder may be involved in leading elements of integration/transition of acquired/licensed assets for buy-side deals and transition of divested/out-licensed assets for sell-side deals.


Leading and managing international, multi-functional senior level due diligence project teams for investment and divestment opportunities.

When managing the execution of due diligence activities the role-holder will be accountable for:

  • Maintaining and extending the high standards of excellence in the organisation due diligence process and practices, with continuous improvement and refinement in response to changing business needs;

  • Providing periodic training materials and courses and other support materials (guidance notes and checklists) for Due Diligence team members and Business Development colleagues;

  • Working with the relevant Evaluation team to identify the priority risks on which due diligence for each project will focus;

  • Understanding the business case and translating the key drivers of value for each project into a framework for the due diligence team to work within;

  • Providing the primary due diligence interface with the third party in order to comply with their process;

  • Leading the collation of specific, tailored information/data requests and secure the provision of such from the third party, and where appropriate, third party partners and suppliers;

  • Leading any on-site visits to third party facilities required;

  • Leading global multi-functional due diligence teams (of up to 30-40 people and including teams from external advisors on Legal, Finance and Tax matters for major transactions), setting expectations, modus operandi, reporting requirements and timelines;

  • Leading due diligence teams through their interactions with third parties and evaluation/analysis of information/data, ensuring that effort is focused on priority risks;

  • Arranging and leading due diligence visits to third parties;

  • Preparing and managing the data room (virtual or physical) for divestment activity and hosting third party visits to AZ facilities as required;

  • Interpreting findings from due diligence and leading the assessment of impact on the drivers of value in the business case;

  • Leading the preparation of, and securing sign-off for, due diligence reports;

  • Leading the presentation of findings/analysis to relevant governance bodies and senior stakeholders (potentially including the AstraZeneca CFO and/or CEO);

  • Leading post-diligence learning reviews where appropriate.

For successfully concluded transactions, the role-holder may also be accountable for:

  • As part of the relevant Integration team, leading elements of integration/transition of acquired/licensed assets for buy-side deals and transition of divested/out-licensed assets for sell-side deals.

Due Diligence Directors will be expected to flexibly offer and provide support to Transaction Directors, contributing as required to large or complex transactions.

Education, Qualifications, Skills and Experience:


  • Degree level education;

  • Ability to credibly lead a multi-functional technical, corporate finance-oriented group of senior professionals;

  • Detail focus and ability to discern key facts and value drivers from large complex sets of data;

  • Ability to identify, understand and communicate key issues emerging in due diligence projects;

  • Ability to work flexibly and creatively around standard core process and practice while maintaining agreed standards;

  • Strong project management skills;

  • Demonstrated resourcefulness and proven ability to flexibly manage and adapt multiple priorities, resources and project initiatives in a global and regional environment;

  • Proven risk management and project control process implementation;

  • Experience in working effectively with external parties at senior levels;

  • An understanding of the drug development process, intellectual property management and other issues typically associated with global licensing evaluation process;

  • Understanding of information management practices, policies and tools;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, negotiation, collaboration and interpersonal skills;

  • Ability to proactively anticipate problems and issues and good problem and conflict resolution skills;

  • Ability to deal in a measured and objective manner with complexity, time pressure and conflicts, using diplomacy and assertiveness when required.


  • Complete understanding of the structure, approach and interdependencies of various components of buy side and sell side transactions;

  • Experience of active involvement in Due Diligence projects;

  • Broad experience in drug development, with experience in different roles and/or at different points in the development cycle (early, late stage, commercial etc) is preferred.

AstraZeneca is an equal opportunity employer. AstraZeneca will consider all qualified applicants for employment without discrimination on grounds of disability, gender or gender orientation, pregnancy or maternity leave status, race or national or ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, gender identity or re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, protected veteran status (if applicable) or any other characteristic protected by law.